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Articles | St. Paul Evangelization Society
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In our April 5, 2018, blog post, SPES took a first look at the “Divine Renovation” (DR) ministry headed by Rev. James Mallon, a priest of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth. This installment in our two-part report on DR taps into the numerous podcast episodes in which Fr. Mallon provides practical, step-by-step guidance to implement his […]

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The Diocese of Portland, Maine, offers twelve practical means to make us fishers of men. These are meant to help Catholics know evangelism can be a natural part of the day rather than some “extra” work that only certain people do. Here are their twelve helpful tips. 1. Witness of life. Show signs of a […]

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A Letter From A Young Father

“Bishops,” says Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, “get a lot of unsolicited mail from strangers, some of it pleasant, some of it much less so. It goes with the job. But every once in a while a letter comes in that’s worth sharing with a wider audience.” The letter Chaput references came unsolicited from a […]

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Region X Encuentro

Answering the call to become missionary disciples can be as simple as listening to another person and meeting them where they are. This was one of the messages given to the more than 800 Catholics from Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas who gathered recently in San Antonio for a three day “Region X Encuentro.” “Encuentro” is […]

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“Divine Renovation” Helps Transform Parishes for Evangelization

St. Benedict’s Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, continues to build its reputation as an exporter of good ideas for missionary discipleship. Importers include the Archdiocese of Omaha, which hosted a conference spreading those ideas last October; the Diocese of Dallas, where an “Amazing Parish” conference will take place this month; a leadership conference in London, […]

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The Core Of The Paschal Mystery

“The only one that justifies you, the only one that makes you born again is Jesus Christ, no one else! This is the greatness of the love of Jesus: He gave his life to make us holy, to renew us, to forgive us. And this is precisely the core of the paschal mystery.” Pope Francis […]

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SPES Society Prayer

Our Father in heaven, may Your will for the salvation of souls unfold in the world today. May Your Love be etched on our hearts and the hearts of our neighbors, so all come to know the Way, the Truth, and eternal Life with You, as Your grace lifts us up in fellowship and communion […]

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Why Catholics Don’t Evangelize

The truth, Jesus told His disciples, will set you free. What wasn’t said is that the truth is often very painful. In a recent blog post found on National Catholic Register, Fr. Dwight Longenecker lists ten reasons why Catholics don’t evangelize. I am re-posting it here in its entirety for consideration. In the coming days, […]

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Evangelization News

Some news you may have missed. In Argentina, “surf’s up” is a call to evangelization. Bishop Robert Barron calls for preaching the Gospel boldly. Meanwhile, here are some tips so you can evangelize like Bishop Barron. Here is the problem with Catholic evangelism in 150 words. Finally, this bishop thinks the key to successful evangelism […]

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Woe Is Me

This is a great message from Father John Riccardo, echoing St. Paul in saying, “Woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!”

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